Award The British Chess Magazine 2022-2023

Le 28/02/2024


  • The British Chess Magazine 2022-2023
  • Award by Hans Gruber (D–Regensburg),
  • International Judge of the FIDE


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List of participating problems

I/2022 Lipton, Jones, Cook, Ugren [4]. II/2022 Shire, Michelet, Lozek, McDowell [4]. III/2022 Moen, Lyubashevsky & Makaronez, Jonsson, Ugren [4]. IV/2022 Shankar Ram, Cook, Jones, Ugren [4]. V/2022 Moen, Shire, Rice (Anticipation), Hudak [4]. VI/2022 Rice, Shire, Kapros, Ugren [4]. VII/2022 Shire, Lipton, Lipton, Jonsson [4]. VIII/2022 — [0]. IX/2022 Lipton, Makaronez, Ramaswamy, Milewski [4]. X/2022 Lozek & Svitek, Jonsson & Kapros, Jones, Onkoud [4]. XI/2022 Moen, Makaronez, Onkoud, Ugren [4]. XII/2022 Lipton, Shire, Dowd, Ugren [4]. I/2023 Jonsson, Onkoud, Jones, Ugren [4]. II/2023 Lyubashevsky & Makaronez, Onkoud, McDowell, Ugren [4]. III/2023 Moen, Kalotay, Hudak, Ramaswamy [4]. IV/2023 Pereira & Tarnawiecki & Moen, Dowd, Gavryliv, Keller (stipulation: H=4, see V/2023) [4]. V/2023 Tarnawiecki & Moen, Lyubashevsky & Makaronez, Gavryliv, Ugren [4]. VI/2023 Lyubashevsky & Makaronez, Nesek, Onkoud, Kalotay [4]. VII/2023 Shire, Kalotay, Bilokin, Ugren [4]. VIII/2023 Dowd, Lyubashevsky & Makaronez, Hudak, Bilokin [4]. IX/2023 Moen, Onkoud, Lyubashevsky & Makaronez, Ugren [4]. X/2023 Dowd & Echemendia, Jones, Hudak, Ugren [4]. XI/2023 Lyubashevsky & Makaronez, Michelet, Hudak, Bilokin [4]. XII/2023 Michelet, Michelet (Dual; correction see below), Hudak (Anticipation), Bilokin [4].

A fine number 92 problems had to be judged. As in previous tournaments, the problem editor Christopher Jones attracted many composers to submit originals to The British Chess Magazine. The Problem World continues being a very successful column. The majority of the participating problems naturally were two-movers, three-movers and helpmates, and in addition seven more-movers, two helpstalemates and one reflexmate. Thanks to Wieland Bruch who checked the two-movers for originality; he found that John Rice’s problem from May 2022 is almost identically anticipated by Halvar Hermanson, Schweizer Arbeiter-Schach, IX-X 1952 (only the white king on a different square). I found that Stanislav Hudak’s helpmate from December 2023 is completely anticipated by Peter Kniest, Schachmatt, IV 1950. Paul Michelet’s 11-mover from December 2023 had duals (9.Ba3! etc.; 6.Bh4! 7.Be1 etc.), but could be saved by adding WPa2 and BPa3. 

Bcm 22 23

  • 5th Prize: Abdelaziz Onkoud
  • 1.Ra5 Ng6 2.R×c5 Q×c5+ 3.Kf3 Bd5#,
  • 1.Ra6 Bg6 2.R×f6 Q×f6+ 3.Ke3 Nd5#
  • Reciprocally changed functions of the white bishop and the white knight with play on the square g6 in move 1 and d5 in move 3. The author must be praised for his daringness to use of white queen.

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Award The British Chess Magazine