Award Israel Ring Tourney: Helpmates 2016

Le 25/01/2024

Israel Ring Tourney: Helpmates 2016

Judge: Dr. Paz Einat, International Judge, Nes Ziona, Israel  ( Variantim N° 91 , december 2023)

The designated judge could not fulfil his task so I took it upon myself, with my sole problem in that
period (Var.2843 with Tomer Tal) moving to the 2018 judge. Of a total of 36 problems, there were
18 helpmates in 2, 13 in 2.5 or 3 and 5 in more moves. I decided not to divide the award. The overall
level was good and I was happy with the originality shown by the top problems.

1st Prize: Var.2846 Abdelaziz Onkoud The two pairs are connected by the
captures on e3 & e4 by the knights in one pair and by the king in the other.
Different pieces play in each pair: the knights in the first and rooks + wB in the
second. The role of the white knight is of interest: it builds and fires the batteries
in the first pair and supports the mating squares in the other pair.


Irt 2016