Break News : 1° Place de la coupe du monde de la FIDE

Le 29/08/2023

Award de la section féeriques de la coupe du monde de la FIDE



Commentaire du juge Borislav Gadjanski:

"I decided to give priority to compositions with two or more phases/variants, with logically (or geometrically) related changes in thematic play, strategy, and/or functions of thematic pieces.  Although several constructive problems did not make it into the award, they are worthy achievements. Along with them, several other solid compositions are not included. Simply, not everyone can receive the honors they deserve in such fierce competition. They may get their glory in other tournaments..

A composition of radiant beauty. Perfect ODT with 2 x 11 mutually aligned echo (orthogonal-diagonal). half-moves. "Slow creation" of the reciprocal black RB batteries on d5 with the addition of tempo-move of the rear piece. Mating the wK on the square where the rear piece of the black battery stands in the starting position. Two pairs of reciprocal black moves. The pairs in the 4th and 6th moves are particularly impressive on the squares where the thematic piece once makes a tempo maneuver and mates the other time. Three pairs of pieces reciprocally change their functions: boe4/bqd4, wsc6/wqd6 and wqe5/woc5. 2x Bristol-bicolor sc6/od5 and qd6/qd5.

I especially want to draw attention to Black's second move in both solutions (oxc6 & qxd6). Black takes the white piece which in the second phase, in its final move, forces Black to checkmate wK. This is fully associated with the Zilahi paradox but with a helpself condition. It seems to me that it may be called Zilahi-2: reciprocally, Black takes a white piece, which forces Black to checkmate wK in the second solution!"